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Top 23 Far away places to see in the world

Top places include Pyramid of Giza, The Acropolis, Taj Mahal, Stone Henge, Kaaba in Saudi Arabia, The Pantheon of Rome, Mont St. Michel in France and Santorini in Greece.

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Central Park NYC Far away

Central Park NYC Far away


Wireless only households in the U.S

Cellphone only households:
52% Idaho
46% DC
39% US average

It is not a busy metropolis (like New York) or a city crowded with texting college students (like Boston).

Wireless line only

Cord cutters

You can read more about it in Pew Research.


World’s Priciest city

The world’s priciest city to live in? Not Tokyo, Paris or New York. Try Singapore: http://on.wsj.com/1cyFyui @jjasonchow pic.twitter.com/M2sh9moleC

World's Priciest city 2014


Stargazing events of 2014

More information on all of the stargazing events can be found on http://bit.ly/1h4H39T

Stargazing events for 2014

Stargazing events for 2014


Mars Maven set to blast off on Nov 18

The next Mars space craft Maven stretches about 37.5 feet — about the length of a school bus, weighs 5,410 pounds – the same weight as an SUV set to launch on Monday, November 18th. The payload consists of eight scientific instruments and communications relay equipment for use with Mars landers.

Maven is 21st of NASA’s mission to Mars. Curiosity which was launched in 2011 is still circling around Mars capturing incredible photographs and relaying back to earth. Curiosity in addition to Mars Odessey (launched in 2011) and Mars Express (launched in 2003 by European Space Agency) are the three spacecrafts still in operation. The two landers/rovers on the surface include Mars Opportunity and Curiosity.

It must be noted India just recently launched its own Mars spacecraft Mangalayam which is on its way to Mars and targeted to be inserted into Mars atmosphere in Sep 2014.

The below graphic shows all the launched Mars mission to date from 4 major space agencies – NASA, Russia, European Space agency (ESA) and Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO).

Mars Past Missions

Mars Past Missions

Why Mars? Mars is the most similar planet to Earth in our solar system, with the greatest prospects of habitability for future astronauts. Mars is about half the size of Earth but has about the same land area. A Martian year lasts 687 Earth days. Mars rotation is about the same as Earth – close to 24 hours.

How long does it take to get there? With our current technology it takes about 10 months to get to Mars.


Twitter Upcoming IPO

Twitter IPO Comparison

Twitter IPO Comparison


Cable Channels cost breakdown (not in favor of consumers)

One of the many reasons why I absolutely deny getting the cable service is the way the service is packaged by cable companies. Europe has a a-la carte menu service that allows subscribers to sign up only for channels that you are interested in. I feel this is a much better strategy for Cable operators given their slow death at the hands of the rising alternative mediums like on-demand programming, Netflix and Youtube and other content sources. But the cable companies are vehemently opposed to this for obvious reasons.

In this chart you see ESPN charges $5.54 per month per subscriber even if you are never watching it. That’s $70 per year. Great for cable companies, but not for your wallet. So what’s the point?

Cable channel breakdown


Cusco, Peru

Founded by the Incas, Cusco is the 3rd largest city after Lima and Arequipa.

Cusco Streetview
Cusco city view
Photo of me with an Incan woman and a Llama
Cusco Natividad celebration
Cusco Natividad celebration
Llama and graffiti


Lima, 2013

The capital city Lima felt like a typical developing Global city. Lima was founded by the Spanish conquistador by Francisco Pizzaro. I really enjoyed the city especially the Miraflores area.

1. View of Plaza de armas, main square in Downtown Lima
Plaza de armas

2. The guy at the City hall gave us a free private tour of the City hall where we saw Lima’s first woman mayor Susana Villaran. Here is where the Mayor conducts her daily political business.
Chan City hall
Francisco Pizzaro’s picture hanging above the Mayor chair where I am sitting.

3. Miraflores
Miraflores is a suburb or barrio of Lima the capital city of Peru. There are many parks, gardens, high rise apartment buildings, hotels, restaurants and shops. Situated on the coast, Miraflores is considered to be one of the finest districts of Lima and is very popular with tourists.

Atlantic Panoramic coastline

Larcomer, modern shopping mall in Miraflores at night time
Larcomer at night

Lover’s park
Parque Del Amor

4. Everywhere you go you are guaranteed to come across a cathedral. Most of them have amazing architectures.

5. Adobe Pyramid Huallamarca
The history of the “Huaca Huallamarca” goes back to the early Christian era when the “Hualla” from the Lima Culture occupied the complex.

6. Ceviche
The best Ceviche is found in Lima. Make sure to go to Granizada. It is located near the big market in MiraFlores district. I plan to make Ceviche when I got back to the States.