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How to Spot Mega Trends?

The entire article is fascinating. But here are the key points. Take a look. Wired on How to Spot Trends 1. Look for cross-pollinators The best ideas have the most impact and longevity—are transferable; an innovation in one industry can be exported to transform another. But even more resonant are those ideas that are cross-disciplinary not just in their application but in their origin. Example: Manhattan Project 2. Surf the exponentials The first iPod, in 2001, offered 5 gigabytes for $399, while today’s “classic” model offers 160 gigs for $249, a 51-fold improvement Examples: iPod, YouTube 3. Favor the liberators.…

Space is the next frontier of Innovation: Planetary Resources

First SpaceX developing the commercial spacecraft launch vehicles, and now Planetary Resources looking to mine for resources on Asteroirds.. The tech world is abuzz with news of a new venture that’s earned the backing of high-profile names such as Google Chief Executive Larry Page, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron and Ross Perot Jr., according to a report from Wired. Read More

Top Failing companies

1. Nokia Industry: Technology/Wireless 2. Research in Motion Industry: Technology/Wireless Stock Performance (YOY): 75.1 % 3. Best Buy Industry: Electronics/Retail Stock Performance (YOY): 24% 4. First Solar Industry: Semiconductor/Solar Energy Stock Performance (YOY): -84.0 % 5. Radioshack Industry: Electronics/Retail Stock Performance (YOY): -61.3 %

Mobile Cloud is the next wave in Computing

I predicted this a few years ago. The move to mobile has created new operating systems (OS) for tablets and phones but will also change the OS for next generation laptops and desktops.  In fact, this new foundation software will run across a wide range of connected devices that span phones to automobiles.  This is the Post PC era taken to a new level.  How?  Over time this new foundational software and these new devices will force a businesses to change how it builds applications and engineers its business processes. The cloud is also more than just cheap storage and…

Physical Media is dead

Today, these CDs are not quite as hip. Why? We listen to music via services like Spotify and Rdio and Pandora instead, and we download tracks we love from Apple’s iTunes and Amazon’s store. We watch movies and television shows streamed to us from Netflix (or one of its international variants.) Books are now digital and are growing so fast they are even worthy of a department of justice investigation. Physical Media is dead

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