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Tracking the next emerging economies – CIVETS

Colombia is the top performer in the CIVETS category with 13% YTD return compared to 8.9% on S&P.

South Africa



BRICs Priced For Economic Meltdown

The biggest emerging markets are contributing more than ever to the global economy as their proportion of the world stock market shrinks, leaving investors with the widest valuation gap in seven years.

June 28 (Bloomberg) — Jim Ross, senior portfolio manager at AllianceBernstein LP, talks about European investment strategy and the inflation outlook. He speaks with Guy Johnson on Bloomberg Television’s “The Pulse.” (Source: Bloomberg)

Brazil, Russia (INDEXCF), India and China, known as the BRICs, will comprise 20 percent of the world economy this year after growing more than four-fold in the past decade, International Monetary Fund data show. At the same time, their combined stock-market value has dropped to a three-year low of 16 percent of the total invested in equities, according to data compiled by Bloomberg.

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Evidence of ‘God Particle’ Higgs Boson found

GENEVA – Scientists working at the world’s biggest atom smasher plan to announce Wednesday that they have gathered enough evidence to show that the long-sought “God particle” answering fundamental questions about the universe almost certainly does exist.

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