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Brexit Leave campaign win the referendum and Sterling collapses

As of 11:30 ET on June 23rd, the leave campagn is leading the #Brexit referendum by 50.19% over Stay side with 115/382 reporting. Recession is a possibility if U.K did leave E.U. And look at the British pounds. It is collapsing. The last time we saw this low exchange rate was back during the financial crisis in 2009. 1 USD = 1.38 GBP – when was the last time we saw this exchange rate? This is also a terrible news for Euro as well..great time to plan a trip to Europe? ‪#‎Brexit‬

Tracking Brexit and Stock Market reaction

Brexit referendum vote is on June 23. Before the assassination of pro-EU politician Jo Cox, polling results favored the “Leave” campaign with 52% wanting to leave the EU bloc. But now the scale has slightly tipped in favor of the “Remain campaign”. But with 4 days still to g, before the final vote there is no clear winner. The market has started preparing for this uncertainty by selling off last week. The historical chart of Volatility index shows very low volatility over the last few months. But if the “Leave” group wins the referendum I expect a sharp sell off…

America’s fetish with Gun ownership

America’s fetish with Gun ownership

What a sickening society! According to Fast Company magazine, the licensed firearms dealers outnumbers both Starbucks and McDonalds in U.S.A. Number of Starbucks stores across the country – 11,500 Number of McDonadl stores – 14,000 Number of licensed firearms dealers and pawnbrokers in the country – 64,432 What does that say about our society? Get rid of the Second Amendment. I care more about the First amendment.

How to plan Cherry blossoms trip in Japan

How to plan Cherry blossoms trip in Japan Japanese call it “Hana – mi” which literally means Viewing of Cherry blossoms. The Cherry flowers are referred to as “Sakura” in Japanese. When did this tradition originate and how did it become a popular activity among both the locals and tourists? I have always wanted to witness the “Hanami” in person and use that as a reason to travel across Japan. It was almost early March when I finished my rather long backpacking adventure across South East Asia. I was taking a break in India for a few weeks. The northern…

Where to flee if Trump wins Presidency?

Where to flee if Trump wins Presidency?

Dear Americans, Where to flee if Trump wins Presidency? Let’s face it. The possibility of Trump being elected as the next President of United States is getting closer to becoming a reality. Independents tend to sway the outcome of every major election one way or the other, and most Independents may not vote for Clinton. Though some people truly believe Trump will make America great again (as his campaign message claims), and believe him to be the best choice to lead the free world. But for those looking to exit the country because you can’t imagine living under Trump’s presidency,…

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