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Top Science Museums I’ve visited in my travels

Top Science Museums I’ve visited in my travels

Some of my friends know that I am a science buff. When I travel to big cities I try my best to visit a Science museum or center to see how Science is represented in different cities/countries. Here is my top ten list: 1. American Museum of Natural History – New York, NY Total Visitors (last year): Annual Visitors: 5,000,000 2. Parque Explora – Medellin, Colombia 3. Griffith Observatory – Los Angeles, California 4. Cosmo Caixa Natural Science Museum – Barcelona, Spain 5. MadaTech Israeli National Museum of Science and Space – Haifa, Israel 6. Technicki Muzej – Zagreb, Croatia…

Mars Maven set to blast off on Nov 18

The next Mars space craft Maven stretches about 37.5 feet — about the length of a school bus, weighs 5,410 pounds – the same weight as an SUV set to launch on Monday, November 18th. The payload consists of eight scientific instruments and communications relay equipment for use with Mars landers. Maven is 21st of NASA’s mission to Mars. Curiosity which was launched in 2011 is still circling around Mars capturing incredible photographs and relaying back to earth. Curiosity in addition to Mars Odessey (launched in 2011) and Mars Express (launched in 2003 by European Space Agency) are the three…

Space is the next frontier of Innovation: Planetary Resources

First SpaceX developing the commercial spacecraft launch vehicles, and now Planetary Resources looking to mine for resources on Asteroirds.. The tech world is abuzz with news of a new venture that’s earned the backing of high-profile names such as Google Chief Executive Larry Page, Google Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt, director James Cameron and Ross Perot Jr., according to a report from Wired. Read More

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